Delegate your wedding day stress to someone else

Delegate your wedding day stress to someone else

Would you like to have peace of mind on your wedding day?

You’re a resourceful couple who can plan their own dang wedding.

You don’t want to pay a wedding planner $8,000 to pick out your stinking napkins, but you do want someone else to worry about the logistics on your wedding day.

No one wants to be stressed on their wedding day. No bride wants to be asked a million questions about details. No groom wants to be responsible for putting out fires. They don’t want their mom hunting down the limo driver when they don’t show up. They don’t want their brother missing family photos because the caterer needs instructions.

Every couple I know wants their wedding to be a relaxing and fun day with their friends and family. They want to focus on their partner and their loved ones. They want to be care-free and have fun.

That’s where I come in.

You plan your wedding. I’ll execute your plans and absorb all of the stress while you enjoy your wedding day.


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