If you’re looking for a coordinator who will promise you a perfect wedding day, you’ve got the wrong gal. On the contrary, I guarantee your wedding day won’t be perfect. No matter how carefully you plan things out, something won’t go quite the way you hoped.

What I can promise is that when something inevitably goes wrong, big or small, I’ll be there to find a solution. I’ll absorb stress for you and do everything I possibly can to execute your plans the way you’ve been envisioning.

That’s what’s so valuable about hiring an experienced coordinator: Whether it’s me or someone else, you need someone at your wedding who can not only execute your plans, but stay one step ahead of potential problems.

I can’t promise perfect, but I do promise to bust my butt to help you, your family, and your guests have a happy day with as little stress as possible.


I don’t like it when wedding vendors beat around the bushes about prices, do you? So let’s keep it real.

Wedding Day Coordination $900

I’ll execute your wedding day plans for you from start to finish.

Before the Wedding Day

  • Free consultation: Let’s grab a coffee and get to know each other!
  • Work with the couple getting married to create a ridiculously detailed wedding itinerary according to their plans
  • Wedding rehearsal coordination or venue walk-through
  • Confirm the itinerary 2 weeks before the wedding with the couple getting married
  • Confirm all vendors 1 week before the wedding

On the Wedding Day

  • Help with wedding decoration and setup
  • Ceremony and reception coordination
  • Help with cleanup

Service Area

I serve the greater Denver and Boulder area.