“I am considering hiring Kristi to be my every day coordinator! I can only imagine how much more productive I would be if I had her by my side.

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Photo by SeaAnna Gibson

The amount of stress she took off our backs makes her well worth the money. Kristi was ready to lend a hand from the word go. Anything and everything we needed help with, she was on it. She is very professional and did a great job making sure we were on schedule and we were where we needed to be when we needed to be.

We gave Kristi our vision and timeline, and she made sure that everything was perfect. If our glasses were empty, she filled them up. If someone was needed for pictures, she was off like a flash to find them. She handled any and all requests with efficiency and a smile. Honestly, hiring Kristi was the best decision that we made throughout the entire wedding planning process. We couldn’t be happier and we wouldn’t have pulled off the day without her. If you want to enjoy your wedding day, hire Kristi. You won’t regret it!”

-Steven Jones, Groom

IMG_20160625_204841 “Kristi was absolutely clutch on the day of the wedding. We met a couple weeks before the date and talked through our vision. Kristi is genuinely personal, empathetic, and professional. She didn’t miss a beat when it came to coordinating guests, vendors, and event timing; so much so that my bride and I were able to completely hand off the communication to her and shut off our phones for the day. I recommend Kristi for your day-of coordination without hesitation!”

-Joe Barlow, Groom

“I’m a detail oriented, extremely organized film producer who had a very hands-on wedding. No wedding planner, lots of DIY but I wanted to be able to relax and enjoy my wedding day instead of being stressed out of my mind or running around making everything happen on my wedding day. Cue Kristi the day-of coordinator! A few months before my wedding, she encouraged me to create a wedding day itinerary, a document where every detail about our wedding day was clearly spelled out. She reviewed it with me a few times and helped me see where I had holes, where things didn’t make sense or where I needed to figure a few more details out and eventually the itinerary reached 14 pages in length.

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Photo by Lydia Jane

The day before our wedding, I handed the itinerary off to her and relaxed and enjoyed the wedding weekend with my husband-to-be and our friends and family while she made my vision happen. As I look back on the weekend, I’m amazed and thrilled at how it all went down, everything was so perfect! Kristi is my hero. Her demeanor is perfect for this job- she is always calm, cool and collected, and she is constantly thinking about how to interact with the bride in a way that will help her to enjoy her day. Only bringing things that are important, and in a way that won’t stress out an already emotional bride.

After my husband and I returned from our honeymoon, we caught up with some of our family members and close friends who told us stories from our wedding. I was surprised by some of the things I had no idea were going on, key people who showed up late for the ceremony, family members who weren’t cooperating- Kristi not only protected me from all of this drama, but she somehow fixed everything so that the day went off without a hitch. I can’t recommend her more highly!!!

-Jen Brown, Bride

“No sooner had I asked Kristi to be my day-of coordinator, she took it upon herself to send me practically every last one of her documents on organizing her own wedding, down to the last detail. She gave me more than enough ideas on how many attendants were needed for parking, who needed to be when, where and at what time, and lists of very detailed schedules for every person involved.

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Photo by Katie Photographie

Throughout the whole planning stage, I very easily communicated all of my plans I had to Kristi by email, Pinterest or text, since we were on either side of the United States. From the evening of the rehearsal all the way to when my husband and I left our wedding venue, Kristi was there to help everything run smoothly. She was literally amazing. I don’t believe there were any glitches on our wedding day because of Kristi… But who am I to say, she very well may have saved the wedding from any dresses tearing, or salad getting wilted, or nervous meltdowns from the flower-girl that I didn’t even know about.”

– Karen Badeer, Bride

“I’m not sure what I would have done without Kristi coordinating my rehearsal and wedding day. I’m sure we would have stumbled through it all and still been married at the end of the day, but she asked smart questions and made everything flow seamlessly. Having her at the rehearsal was a god-send; so many details I had forgotten about or failed to communicate to the officiant she took care of as I attempted to say hello to all of the family and in-laws. She expertly ushered two flower girls and a ring bearer (kindergarten teacher skills?) and paced out all of the bridesmaids for the processional.

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Photo by Matt Foto

I made her a quick and easy list of what I hoped for with the order of events (both ceremony and reception) and she made sure that it all happened! It was like having a fairy godmother. I wanted to have the toasts overlap with dinner, while everyone was seated and eating. She quickly recognized that all of the champagne wouldn’t be served in time and enlisted the help of a few friends. I didn’t even realize that plans had changed until a college friend poured my glass of champagne for me! She fixed my hair when it was falling out in the back, communicated with the DJ about pushing back the first dance, etc. Kristi made the day stress-free and uncomplicated for me, and after months of wedding planning that was precisely what I needed.”

-Shannon Wooldridge, Bride

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Photo by Sarah Nicole Photography

Kristi was extremely professional and a joy to work with. Last minute (i.e. 2 weeks before the wedding), we decided a day-of coordinator would take away stress on us and family. Thank goodness I found Kristi!

She was willing to work with the timeline we set out and asked thoughtful questions about details we hadn’t thought of yet. She was instrumental in making sure the little details happened, while we were busy taking photos, etc. She also met all our vendors at the ceremony/reception site and verified the orders were correct. We had a shuttle vendor not arrive in time and she called multiple times to check on the status. At the rehearsal, I wanted to remember to do something and she emailed me the note so I wouldn’t forget. We are so happy with our decision to hire Kristi. She really made the day great and worry-free for us!

-Sarah McCarthy, Bride

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“I had zero experience planning weddings when my sister asked me to plan hers, and I was completely overwhelmed. Kristi’s itinerary template helped me visualize all of the steps that needed to take place on the wedding day and leading up to it. It is the single most useful tool I found for planning my sister’s wedding. It showed me the logistics behind the event and the manpower I would need to execute it successfully – and as a result, nothing was left unaccounted for on the day of my sister’s wedding!”

– Ali Ralph, Made-of-Honor